Welcome to the 2022 Edition of the Virtual Conference on Thermoelectrics


The third edition of VCT has concluded. Thank you for participating and making VCT 2022 a successful event. The recordings of the plenary talks are now available:

US chapter: Eric Toberer (Colorado School of Mines), Chris Wolverton (Northwestern University)

EU chapter: Neophytos Neophytou (University of Warwick)

Asia chapter: Takao Mori (National Institute for Materials Science, University of Tsukuba)

Following the recent cancellation of ICT 2022 in Sendai, Japan and by popular demand, we are organizing the third edition of the Virtual Conference on Thermoelectrics (VCT2022)! The goal of VCT is to provide early-career researchers a platform to share their latest work with the international thermoelectrics community. The event is endorsed by the International Thermoelectric Society. The meeting will be held online from July 20 – 22, 2022 using the Zoom platform.

To give visibility to early career researchers, the call for oral contributions is restricted to students and postdocs. Poster contributions will be open to all participants and held via Twitter. In addition, there will be plenary talks by prominent scientists in thermoelectrics. Attendance will be open to anyone who registers for the event. We do not anticipate any registration fee.

If you have questions or feedback about VCT 2022, please contact the organizers:

Americas: Alexandra Zevalkink (alexzev@msu.edu), Prashun Gorai (pgorai@mines.edu); Europe: Dario Narducci (dario.narducci@unimib.it); Asia: Paolo Mele (pmele@shibaura-it.ac.jp).


VCT2022 Organizers

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