Please pay close attention to the time zones in the program book

US/Canada Program

Europe Program

Guidelines for the Speakers 

1. All talks are 12+3 (Q&A) minutes long.

2. This is a thermoelectric conference. Considering the background of the audience, it is not necessary to begin your talk with an introduction to thermoelectrics.

3. Please attend the test Zoom session the week before the conference to test out your slides and to get familiar with the Zoom webinar tools.

4. If for any reason you are unable to connect and/or to deliver your talk at your scheduled time, there will be no possibility to recover your presentation.

Advice for Presenting Remotely: 

1. We recommend that you present in a quite area without background noise and use a headset if possible. Use to test your Zoom audio in advance.

2. Create your presentation slides and check them for sensitive or confidential information. Please don’t include any confidential information. Check all the other windows, notifications, and sound not related to your talk are turned off.

3. You should assume attendees have ability to take photographs, audio recording, or video recordings and you may wish to adjust the content of your presentation accordingly.

4. Be sure your last slides list the best way(s) for others to contact you for questions or collaborations.

5. Remember that what you see on your screen will be seen by all attendees, so if you are viewing your slides in “presenter mode” your notes will be visible to all. In addition, by default, video will be ON for the duration of your talk.

During the Session:

Before your talk:

1. Your talk will begin exactly at the scheduled time. Please pay careful attention to the specified time zones! Send a message at least 10 minutes in advance of your talk using the Zoom chat window to tell the session host that you have arrived.

2. Please be considerate of the speaker before you, and do not interrupt or do anything distracting while on camera.

Prepare for screen sharing:

1. When the session chair introduces you, unmute your microphone and begin sharing your screen.

2. At the 12 minute mark, you will receive a “3 minutes remaining” warning from the session chair. After 15 minutes, your screen share will end and your microphone will be muted.

3. When your talk is over, please mute your microphone, turn off your video feed, and stop sharing your screen. 

Discussion Sessions:

1. During the 15 minute breaks, we will continue to take questions from the audience using the Q/A function. All speakers of the previous session are expected to stay online as panelists during this time to answer audience questions.

2. After you answer the chair’s questions, please mute/unmute yourself.


Contacting Live Technical Support:

Open a chat window in Zoom so you can send a private message to the chair (co-host) or technical host in case of problems.